Agent on the Run

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Kicked out! The agency is done with him all because of something beyond his control. Now what?

Utah had a job and then he didn’t, but he actually still did. He just couldn’t tell anyone about it. Why did he have to be tasked with something so important? He wasn’t qualified for it, but the Agency said that he was. Didn’t matter he had the job. All he had to do was save the Agency for Good or something close to it and he had to do it alone. The problem was that he couldn’t. It’s been said that behind every great man there’s a great woman and such is the case for Utah. He finds a girl with issues that has a heart of gold and a killer right hook. The mission he’s been tasked with unfolds and everything is not what it seems. The fight to save the Agency from an unseen threat becomes more of an effort to save humanity than the simple assignment guidelines that he was given, but the important thing is to remain fluid and flow with the situation as it gets worse and worse.