Ahensuawn, a warrior of The People, lurks in the shadows of the trees, as yet another of the exotic birds crafted of wood, sails upstream bearing its passengers to the place where he once lost everything. He hates these invaders with all his passion and pulling back the arrow he holds lined within his bow he lets it fly………….

They’ve come so far born by breeze and tide guided by all the stars of heaven. So many miles to reach this place of ancient lore, only to strip it of its wealth and take it back with them to fund wars and build temples. It was not always the way of these sojourners, but with time and the promise of endless wealth comes a rot that consumes all of the eater’s heart, until all that is left is the endless greed for more. This is the story of the Lost Empire of Ophir and how it came to its end and yet the past lives on through those who survive not in the false merits of greed or religion, but rather those who seek the heart of the Great Creator of all.

Christian Speculative Fiction with an edge – journey into the realms of a tale that tells the story of a past that no one wants you to hear, because if you listen you’ll find out that history is not at all what you’ve been led to believe. The past is our future and the future is even now replicating what has occurred in the past. Action, romance, and the thrill of ancient days once more discovered by those living all awaits you within The Lost Empire of Ophir.