2045 - Year of the Transhumanism Movement – World Population, 8.5 Billion

2052 – Year of the Transhumanism Act – World Population, 9 Billion

2057 – Year #5 of Mandatory Enactment of Protocol 22– World Population, Endangered

Humanity is almost extinct. There are but a few thousand surviving remnants of the race that once covered the face of the Earth and they are quickly disappearing. The only safe place yet to be is in the very place where the destruction was the greatest, the torn apart cities of Earth.

America, home of the brave, hosts only but a few who yet resist the takeover that occurred when man became machine. Their lives are a fractured reality of constantly occurring nightmares as they are hunted down one by one for the uniqueness of simply being human and thus potentially immortal. In a world run by machines all must be equal and subject to the control of the saviors of the planet who saved it from the scourge that humanity had become.

Ya’ala one of the few remaining Blood Born must come to grips, that in order to survive the only way to do so is to die to the present, in order that the future might be made different by what has occurred in the past. Who can survive, when the machines have become a law unto themselves and say they alone have the legal mandate to live?