I want to write....sigh...back to editing....sigh

The joys of being a writer are many, but invariably one must edit what one has written so the greater masses (notably my wife) can see what has been created. I think it was Stephen King that said something along the lines of, 'to write is fine, but to edit is divine'. I couldn't disagree more. Well perhaps I could take that back and go half way with him. The first edit through a book is good, because there are plots and scenes that needed added to or added all together, so in a way that first edit can be creative and not so boring. The second time through......the third time through.....darn should that comma be there or maybe I should put in a semicolon. Sigh......only three hundred and seventy pages to go. Incidentally has anyone ever noticed how pathetic Microsoft Word's spell checker is. So I have a word in mind and I spit it out in the garbled rendition of how I think it should be spelled and then wait for the little red squiggly line so I can click on it and pick the correct spelling of the word. Well it turns out that, for me anyway, that eight times out of ten the only solution is to spell the word correctly the first time, because the spellchecker can't come up with beans in terms of a right answer! Very annoying. Turns out if I don't know how to spell a word chances are neither does Word. Not bragging on my part just a statement by me that if I could spell the word I wanted, to just being off by one letter or two, then I wouldn't need spell checker in the first place. I will admit to hitting the ignore spelling option on a few occasions. That may sound bad, but consider this, the way some words are said in context in a sentence add a 'less' or 'able' or 'ingly' to it, which spellchecker will tell me that I'm wrong by doing so, but it reads better my way. Time for creative license and a click of the old ignore option, my apologies to any of those out there who get offended if a word ain't the way its listed in the dictionary.

So as I'm bogged down in editing with six books on the market at present I thought I'd give you all a little heads up as to what is to come from the creative labyrinth of my daily thoughts. I have "A Warrior's Revenge" to edit to complete out the The Warrior Kind series, however I've postponed editing that for now in favor of editing the third book of The Agency for Good series, "Agent out of Time". I want to get more of those books out for everyone to enjoy. Once Agent out of Time is out I think I'll edit A Warrior's Revenge, before completing the rest of the Agency for Good books.

Further out than the completion of my first two series I'm glad to inform you that one book is written and another book is halfway completed of a third series that I have titled "Water Wars" at present. It is a short series at just two books. I consider both of these books to be my crowning achievements to date in terms of stretching the imagination and rolling back the borders of the known reality. Need more of a teaser? Well your not getting one (yet), you'll just have to wait and pray that I get my editing done faster than it's currently going. I'm going to tentatively put a release date for the first book sometime in February or possibly March.

Even further out. I have lots of ideas that are begging to make their way out onto paper, than computer code, then endless rounds of editing dictated over by my pretty wife and her red pen (it's orange actually). But some ideas are these. I'm planning on an extensive Ice Age/Prehistoric series that will kick off it's journey at the tower of Babel just after the Geneses Flood time period. It will make its way down through one families quest for survival as they drift their separate ways out across the world encountering all sorts of things such as giants, dinosaurs, extreme weather, and packs of saber tooth tigers and dare wolves. It's going to be great! Sigh.....more editing to do yet though. I have a standalone book idea that will open some eyes into my opinions on a lot of what is happening around us in the world, as to who is pulling the strings and for what purpose, but never fear God is still in control. I have an idea for a possible series or perhaps just one really big book that will be reminiscent of A Warrior's Redemption in some ways. Less technology and more focus on it being written in an allegorical sense with parallels gathered from both the Old and New Testaments. Possible title to it might be, "The Sand Kings". Itching to write this one. I almost wrote it before Water Wars, but I pulled it back at the last moment. At some point I'm planning on writing some westerns. I know a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth when a western is mentioned, but as a boy I credit the work of Louis L'Amour as an inspiration in a lot of ways for both the man and writer that I have become today. There's a lot to be learned and enjoyed by reading a good western and that's what I intend to write at some point. Let's see that's about it for now I think.... Oh wait there is that far out Science Fiction styled series called: The Ice Guardians. A series I might add that could possibly tie in with the distant future of my Warrior Kind series. Food for thought anyway still subject to change. I have to write this series though just because I have this name stuck in my head that I can't get rid of: The Ice Worlds of Cirrillion Tegas. I have to right this Ice Guardian series just because I know the names of the fictitious planet system, such is the mind of this writer and avid daydreamer. Want to hear the Title and mini blurb of the first book? Sure you do, it goes something like this: Ice Queen. Alone she walks the barren ice fields and the evergreen wood. Blind as a child she is feared by all. She is the Ice Queen. One who walks in the dark so others don't have to..............I really should get back to editing now. 

I just wanna write! Enough editing already!!!

I just wanna write! Enough editing already!!!