A Special Promotion going on now

Hi everyone,

I've got a Special Promotion going on that I'd like everyone to share in while it lasts. The following is copied over from my Special Promotions page. Enjoy!

2# SPECIAL PROMOTION: I'm relatively new to the self publishing world and admittedly it can be something of a fight to get noticed by a dedicated readership. One way to get the attention of a lot of people is to give stuff away for free. I've done that with both A Warrior's Redemption and Agent with a History. The free giveaways don't stop there though. I need honest book reviews placed on the premier distribution channels that I have selected to disperse my literary fiction ( Amazon, Barns&Noble, and Smashwords). To that end I am willing to provide all of my books for free to the discerning reader in return for honest reviews placed on some or all of the aforementioned distribution channels. How does this free giveaway work? First: You download either A Warrior's Redemption or Agent with a History or both for that matter. You read them and if your still interested in my writing leave me an honest review on the aforementioned sites (Amazon, etc.). Secondly: Contact me at guysactionwords(at)gmail(dot)com . Make sure that in the subject line you have the following: Proof of Review - Your First Name (or online name). In this email to me make sure to copy and paste the review that you gave me for the book you read and I will in return send you the next book in that series free of charge. Thirdly: If you read and review the second book of the series and give me evidence of it via email as before I will again send you the next book of the series and so on and so on. I can send my "free for the purpose of honest review books" to you in the following formats: epub (nook), mobi (kindle), and pdf. This free promotion of the entire body of my work will continue till I feel that I have attained the level of quality honest reviews needed to present my body of literary work in a big way to the world at large. I may end this promotion at any time so don't delay in getting all the books you can read for free. Let the reviews begin and the pages turn in passioned fervor to see what comes next.

P.S. Even though A Warrior's Redemption and Agent with a History are free on this site a credit card number is required by my third party payment processor (Stripe). If you would like to bypass this hurdle in order to read both books for free then head over to smashwords.com where both books can be downloaded in their entirety for free in a variety of formats, without the use of a credit card. My payment process is secure, but I don't blame anyone for being overly suspicious in this day and age of online credit fraud.

Best Regards,

Guy III