The important messages within my writing

Hi there!

Time to break in the new year with a new blog entry. Today I've decided to write a little about the "messages" that can be found throughout the body of my writing. What do I mean by that term "messages"? Well in addition to writing stories that are full of romance, intrigue and lots of action I also want them to be meaningful in terms of helping others to live life better or perhaps find out a new truth of life. As an author, who writes from a Christian's perspective my role, as I see it, isn't to bash anyone over the head with a Bible or a bunch of rules. I never want my writing to come across as preachy, instead I hope that its read for the genuine belief that I have in my Creator and my desire to worship and serve Him with both the work of my hands and the creations of my mind. To that end I've written stories that always have some Christian perspective to them. Whether its from the viewpoint of someone who is already a Christian and is fighting the good fight to someone who isn't and is either looking for something more or actively running from a relationship with God. My inclusion of a faith aspect of some kind throughout my literary work I would say is my most prevalent form of messaging. My goal is to inspire those already in a faith walk with Jesus as much as it is a tool that I hope will lead some who don't believe to a saving relationship with Jesus. Achieving either objective would be great, but to achieve the latter would be truly life fulfilling for me and is something I pray towards all the time. Okay okay so I'm getting a little preachy. So what other "messages" do my writings contain?

In a few days I will be releasing A Warrior's Revenge, the fifth and last book of The Warrior Kind series. Perhaps you've seen the book cover for it, but if you hadn't here it is.

A Warrior's Revenge WEBSITE USE.jpg

Well what do you notice about it? Hmmm.......let's see.......We've got a big black dude and a white girl. Thankfully this is becoming less of an issue for people all the time, but for some confused individuals on both sides of the color divide such a cover is the height of insult. I said "confused individuals" because that's what I believe they are, because a clear look at the facts and God's love show clearly that there should be no man made barriers between different ethnicites of humanity. Notice I say "ethnicity" instead of "race". There is a very important reason for this, because while there are different ethnicities upon the face of this planet there is only one race that can be called human. Throughout my writing I fight this supposed taboo in the minds of some of "interracial marriage". In the beginning God made one man and one woman and they were one flesh. From these two people all of us came. Everyone. By recent ancestry I've got some German, Irish, British, and who knows what else, but at some point my primary ancestor started out in Eve's womb. The black man on the cover of this book has a different recent path of ancestry than mine, but the same origin that I do that ties back to Eve's  womb. This can be proven by the way. The genetic difference between me and this man is .002. That's 2% of 1 one thousandths of 1%. It's not very much is it. In fact the genetic difference between me and my son is the same, .002. What does this prove? Well for one we are all of one race. Outward differences may abound, but that's where it stops and where I say the division should stop along with it. I may offend some, but I hope that I change some from the narrow mindset that the color of one's skin should be a divide of some kind. I place no such marriage restrictions on my children and I hope you won't on yours.

I have many messages that I could write about further in great detail, but I've decided to tie this blog post up with this last message to be found in my writing. I consider Homosexuality a sin. My reasons for doing so are because the Bible says so. The Bible doesn't infer it, but it states so. Don't believe me well look it up for yourself: Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1:18-32, I Corinthians 6:9-11, I Timothy 1:9-11.

Call me judgmental, label my writing as hate speech I don't care, but what I will not do is compromise on what the word of God says in regards to this sin or any other sin. I will not add or subtract from what the Word of God says. If the reader of my words is offended at my stance in opposition to homosexuality then it is to say that you are offended at God Himself, because the words of God that I believe and take by faith were not written by me, but rather by the Holy Spirit. I expect I will offend many with my unwillingness to bend in my acceptance of acts that God has termed an abomination, so be it. Such is the path of a Christian in a fallen world in search of the eternity to come forever in the presence of my Creator. As Christians we should serve God rather than the cares of man. While I try to get along with all mankind in peaceableness I will not forsake my faith for any man and all who come against me face not my weak hands, but rather the Creator of all life in whom my soul is forever entrusted to. Expect to see romantic relationships between one girl and one boy in all of my stories and nothing but.


As I said there are other messages in my writing, and through the joy of reading my words I'm sure that you and yours will find them. I think the best kind of story is one that has the power to shape and direct you into a positive direction, which is why I endeavor to read a few pages out of my Bible everyday. I recommend it to you sincerely as the best overall wellness aid you could ever find or buy.

Have a Blessed Day Everyone,