It's Spring!

“Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.”

Quote, Samson from the Bible

Honey is the sweetness that Samson is referring to, but I put it to you that there is another golden ambrosia of nature and its name is Maple Syrup. So why am I writing a blog article about Maple Syrup of all things? Well because I make it and because its Spring time and the maple sap is flowing, which tends to override everything else going on at the moment. On the farm I live on we’ve been making Maple Syrup for over 130 years and it’s become the dominant source of our family identity here on the farm. Our farm is even named The Maples in tribute to the trees that we collect the sap that goes into the most unique tasting of all natural products.

If you’re familiar with the Biblical account of Samson then you know the source of his honey was gotten from a rotting lion carcass. Yummy! Just kidding. I can assure you that we don’t pull Maple Syrup out of objectionable places. Far from it actually. Our maple syrup is 100% organic and the syrup you taste comes from a forest of maple trees that has never been commercially harvested for lumber. It’s a virgin forest with trees that are well over four hundred years of age. So if you want to taste something sweet from a very old source of nature coupled with the experience of a family that’s made it for over a century then I invite you to check out our farm website, which I’m providing the link to here

Here are some things you might not know about Maple Syrup.

·         Maple Syrup broken down by sugar content is healthier than sugar gotten from honey, because it breaks down as a complex sugar as opposed to a simple sugar the way honey does.

·         Maple Syrup contains lots of beneficial minerals such as the following: iron, calcium, zinc, manganese and potassium.

·         The University of Rhode Island has published some studies that show that Maple Syrup can prevent diabetes. Maple Syrup has high levels of phytohormone and abscisic acid, which encourage the release of insulin and improves insulin sensitivity in fat cells.

·         One ounce of pure Maple Syrup provides 46% of your daily dose of Manganese. Manganese supports the healthy function of all of the following: energy production, proper thyroid function, sex hormones, balancing blood sugar levels, and the absorption of calcium. Maple Syrup also has Zinc, which is good for immune system function.

·         If you substitute Maple syrup when you’re cooking in place of processed sugar it has shown to have the following benefits for those sensitive to processed sugar: its less likely to cause indigestion, gas, and bloating.

·         Pure Maple Syrup contains 54 antioxidants. Five of those are unique to Maple Syrup alone and haven’t been found in any other natural product.

·         Maple Syrup tastes really great mixed into your oatmeal and believe it or not milk. Vanilla ice-cream never tasted better than when it has Maple Syrup drizzled over it. Ever get those plain Cheerios that taste bland, because your heart or cholesterol conscious? Drizzle some Maple Syrup on at no risk to your heart or cholesterol and taste the difference. Not to offend the vegetarians out there, but imagine a pan of ribs or pork chops simmering in a Maple Syrup glaze for hours. You should try it is all I’m saying.

A word of warning to all potential consumers of Maple Syrup.

         That stuff at the supermarket that says “maple flavoring” don’t buy it! It doesn’t taste good and its relation to Maple Syrup is either nonexistent or it’s partially derived from the end of the season Maple Syrup that comes off very dark and fermented tasting. Some commercial resellers have also been known to water down the available syrup on the supermarket shelf with other ingredients to make it stretch further so they can offer it at a lower price. I highly suggest buying Maple Syrup directly from the source of its creation, but don’t pay an arm and a leg for it. Our prices are fair and if you do your research you’ll see that they are among the lowest out there for 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup.

More info about Maple Syrup.

If your curious about the complete process that converts maple tree sap with a natural sugar content ranging from 1% to 2% into a finalized product that is 66% natural sugar with a flavor like no other than check out the link above to go to our family farm's website where I have provided a slide presentation that takes you completely through the process of Maple Syrup production on our farm situated in the scenic mountains of Western Maryland.

Enjoy the taste of Spring everyone,

Guy Stanton III