I'm Tired Of Being Poisoned

Catchy title isn’t it. Well consider Exhibit A. In Exhibit A we have a sweet tea bottle half-drunk by me in the not too distant past. The sweet tea brand is one that can be found at most convenience stores, at least on the east coast of America. Said half-drunk tea bottle has been sitting on the porch for probably about a month as a sort of ongoing experiment by me. The result? I now believe there is virtually nothing safe to drink from what can be pulled out of a gas station fridge. Why you ask? Well this particular tea bottle has seen quite the range of temperatures in its month long existence on my front porch. There was the stretch of about five days where the temperature didn’t get above 25 degrees Fahrenheit and went as low as the single digits. Multiple off and on days like that throughout the month and then there was that wind storm one night with a wind chill of about -10 to -20 degrees with the temperature close to zero. Through it all Exhibit A has continued to remain un-frozen??????

Something’s not quite right here. Science informs me that water freezes at 32 degrees, but its sweet tea and not just plain old water right? True, it isn’t plain water, but what pray tell have they put in it to make it not so much as to even begin to get sludgy or ice at all given the extremely low temperature ranges I’ve mentioned? Kind of reminds me of the big news story a while back where a kid left a Walmart brand icecream bar out in direct sunlight in the middle of the summer and his mom left it there to see how long it would take to melt only to discover several hours later that it hadn’t even begun to melt! If you didn’t read the story I’m sure some decent googling will pull it up for you.

So let’s tick off the possibilities that seem obvious as to how one can lower the freezing temperature of a drink product that is mostly water with added ingredients for flavor.

#1 Alcohol: Hmmm, so if I get pulled over by a police officer and have a breathalyzer done on me am I going to flunk it because I drank a bottle of sweet tea? Doesn’t seem plausible surely.

#2 Anti-freeze: Think I’m kidding? Remember the title of this article, well there’s a reason for it. Anti-freeze is an ingredient in Gatorade among other drinks at your convenience store. While we’re on the subject of Gatorade let’s not forget to mention that it also contains fire retardant and I’m not referring to the effect of water on fire. Don’t believe me google it.

#3 Some mystical property of its bottle that protects the fluid from subzero temperatures so you can have a drink when and wherever you want, even if it’s at the North Pole: Not likely, which sadly leaves us with the option of considering either Alcohol or Anti-Freeze or a combination of the two as the likely culprit to blame. Are you mad yet? Well you should be!!!

So many of the foods we consume in America are now referred to by the rest of the world as Franken Foods. Here’s an un-exhaustive list of just some of the poisons to be encountered at your local convenience store.

Mountain Dew: Many poisonous combinations, but you men consider the effects of Yellow 40. It renders you sterile and does so rather quickly.

Pop in General: Two cans any brand (small metal ones not the big 16oz, 32oz ones) have the ability to render your immune system to be largely absent for about five hours depending on your metabolism rate. Consider also that as humans our bodies function the best when the ph level of our bodies is slightly on the sweet end of the scale versus the more acidic side. Put a metal nail in a cup of Coke and it will be gone by the next day thanks to carbolic acid. On the other hand if you run out of windshield washer Coke makes a great substitute to clear away the road salt grime from your window. Just don’t let it get on your car’s paint because it will eat through it. And we put this acid in our bodies in great supply. All that acid has to be offset by your pancreas which is sent into double time to provide the countering bile and insulin in order to keep your internal ph level balanced. You can’t live without your Pancreas. That is something I well know as I lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer when I was 16 and I strongly believe that the one to several cans of Diet Coke she drank a day were responsible in large degree to her getting cancer. Regular pop is bad, but the diet versions are far worse thanks to the substitution of sugar for ester sugar alcohols. Ladies, in order to hook you on drinking diet soda they add a chemical that mimics the endorphin reward that you receive when you eat chocolate.

Monster Energy Drinks: It seems in the last five years the shelves have exploded with this brand of drink from iced coffee versions to jumbo extra extra cans. Forget the excessive caffeine and other ingredients intended to hotwire your brain into a state of vibrating alertness and let’s consider the negative impacts of this drink on not just your body, but on your soul. That’s right, it’s soul food, only instead of deep fried goodness this food hails from hell. How so? Again I say google it. Quite a few YouTube videos out there that delineate with detail the many satanic tie-ins of this drink. For instance in the lettering pay attention to the upright cross in the letter O. It’s upright so you may say what’s the problem? Well consider that every time you take a drink you’re turning the cross upside down and in effect you are drinking against Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. Then there’s the company slogan. “Unleash the Beast” and by now I believe many people are aware that the three monster marks depicted ripping down the side of the can are not claw marks but rather the Hebrew alphabet symbol for VAV which is attributed to the letter 6 in the Hebrew language. There are three VAV symbols on the can hence 666 and with a slogan like that do you really still believe all this is coincidence? You men out there who still think it’s cool anyway and like the vibe you get consider also one of the ingredients not listed on the bottle. One of those “other Natural Flavors” and gents the one I speak of is bull semen. Don’t believe me then do your own research. And oh by the way if you think you’re missing the satanic side of the spectrum by drinking Red Bull consider the Red Bull symbol is a carbon picture takeaway from the Egyptian bull god and let’s see their slogan would be, “Red Bull gives you wings”. Consider in the garden of Eden that when Satan is trying to compel Eve to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil that he says “”For God knows that in the day ye eat of it then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.”” Genesis 3:5 Notice the term “gods”? Definitely not referring to God Almighty, but rather to beings that surely to Adam and Eve must have seemed to have the almost godlike abilities of God. The only such beings I know of being present at the time were angels and some of them, if not all, have wings. So look at that slogan in a new light and yes caffeine is a drug and drugs figure heavily into leading people astray and the braking down of their inhibitions into performing sin against their own bodies. I’m not saying that either alcohol or drug consumption is wrong, but there is a need to be wise about the mind altering abilities the substances have.

Bottled water: Any bottled water with the ingredient Magnesium Sulfate is a direct risk to the health of unborn children and guess what, almost all bottled water has it, among other harmful ingredients that are “added for taste”. So what do you do if you’re a pregnant mom in need of lots of hydration and you’re on a long trip to somewhere? Good question. A better one is why is someone trying to poison your unborn child? Better yet if the poisoning risks to unborn children are so well known and verified then why are they being continued unabated?

Pre-Packaged Fook (aka muffins, donuts, Debbie Cakes, etc.): Ever make bread at home from scratch? On the off chance that you did and barring the likelihood that it was promptly devoured by willing eaters and actually had the chance to sit around the house for a few days, tell me what happened? Funky green and blue stuff starts growing. Not so with convenience food. They make sure mold never grows and doesn’t that sound healthy for you. The final product rendered from their bakery to you doesn’t even support the lifecycle of mold. On the other hand if you ate the moldy bread at home you’d be inoculating yourself with the raw form of penicillin the mother of all antibiotics.

Let’s see what we’re left with……..candy bars? I don’t think any of us think their healthy for us. So in conclusion the average convenience store is now a chemical and genetically modified wasteland of food that even animals won’t touch. I have an outdoor cat named Chester that has a bottomless appetite. If I drop him some “premade people food” he backs away as if a deadly cobra is waving in the air in front of him. I can take a hint and so should you.

Sadly the poisoning of our society goes much farther than what can be found at your local gas station with icecream that won’t melt and sports drinks with the ingredients of fire extinguishers. Apples have become so genetically modified in America that they are banned from being imported by other countries. Farmers everywhere in America are buying into the no-till philosophy where you don’t plow your crop fields anymore, because that can lead to erosion. You just spray the heck out of it with Round Up and then plant Round Up Ready corn. Both the weed killer and the corn are courtesy of Monsanto. Within three generations rats fed GMO corn can no longer reproduce. What’s that doing to us? Well a news story from last week pointed out how the DNA of GMO corn and rice is beginning to show up in human DNA. Go figure. How many couples, in industrialized nations, do you know or perhaps you, the reader, are one of them that have had difficulty in trying to get pregnant? There are a lot of you and the numbers are rising, but such is not the case in Third World nations where there still eating the food that they’ve grown from seed for thousands of years. Perhaps that’s why Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey’s world aid organizations are doling out so many vaccinations that render the children in these Third World nations sterile and infertile. And people wonder why villagers barricade their villages off and threaten the life of aid workers and anybody affiliated with the World Health Organization, but that’s a different story, but the takeaway for you is that their only trying to protect their children and so should you. You are what you eat and the horrifying reality is that more people need to wake up to the fact that they are being systematically poisoned by those who think there’s to many of us on the planet as well as by those who wish to render us something less than human. There is no need for the garbage in our food. People need to start demanding answers to what is causing the massive degradation of health in America and stand up for a better future free of poison.

This by no means is an American problem. There are food shortages the world around and many of them I believe by design. In India farmers are committing suicide because they have no food to feed or sell in order to support their families. Is it because of drought or bad storms? No. It’s because they were forced to give up their heirloom seeds in favor of seeds provided by Monsanto. They as a people are used to healthy self-grown food and they noticed immediately that the new food was causing them illness and not good for them in general. What did they do? They tried to plant and grow crops with their old seeds only to find out that the seeds won’t grow. They won’t grow because the soil is now rendered useless for the growth of anything but GMO seeds for who knows how long. In South America farmers have had their seed stocks that they’ve had in their families for generations seized by the government and they are now being forced to buy GMO seed from Monsanto that can’t self-reproduce on its own, which means they now have to buy new seed each year.

Consider the house of cards the agriculture system here in America is built on. Do you like orange juice? Who doesn’t, but almost every orange tree in Florida is a hybrid clone of just one or two parent trees. If just one incurable plant disease comes along all the trees die. GMO crops are decimating Honey Bee populations everywhere. Google up how the internal systems of a honeybee eating GMO crops looks versus self-pollinating crops. It can be summed up in general that it kills whole hives of them outright in short order. If all the bees die so do we humans. It’s that simple and that far reaching. Without bees there are no crops that will mature to fruition other than GMO crops and wheat, as wheat is pollinated by flies and other insects. Never fear though. Monsanto has acknowledged that they are largely responsible for the honey bee die off and are now working on miniature sized drones that will hover automatically from blossom to blossom in order to replace what a hard working God created bee has done since creation began. I’m sick of it!!!!!

My advice to you all is to get online and buy yourself some heirloom seeds and start growing your own food. If any global or local economic collapse should occur and you haven’t prepared then you’re up the creek when it comes to food. What seeds might still be available on the shelf may feed you a modified diet of a lab’s creation for a year, but if the outage lasts longer then you quite simply will have no food, because GMO plants don’t make reproducible seed. What then? You fill in the blank. I hope you take my advice and prepare for the worst while you still can, because there are entities in this world who are poisoning you ever chance they get and their goal is for you not to survive. Whether it’s because your crops won’t grow because the molecular ability of the soil has been modified inert or it’s a slow steady decline of eating Franken Foods and drinking fluorinated water. Be careful to listen now because the more fluorinated water you drink, which isn’t to fight cavities, makes it harder for you to think clearly. Fluoride other than being a deadly poison also has the effect on the human body as that of a powerful tranquilizer. A tranquilizer that calcifies the very important penal gland in your brain. The penal gland lies within your brain behind your lower forehead. Interestingly this glan has rods and cones much as our eyes do, which has led to it being called the third eye. What does an internal glan need such seeing abilities for? Well it’s my belief that when a person is saved the ability to see in deeper dimensions and greater spiritual insights is given over to God and He directs the usage of what is seen and discovered by a believer all the while being a Shepherd in the discovery process. As a Christian author I truly believe that I have been so instructed and gained insight from God through this very glan. It’s very important to comprehend that God doesn’t use magic to accomplish His work. He uses the science and the physiology which He created by which to bring about His will. It’s just so grand and complex at times that it appears that it must be magic, but there is order to everything God does. Satan perhaps better than any scientist realizes the science and mathematical excellence behind God’s creation and he isn’t above using simple chemistry to shut you off or impair your abilities in the spirit realm in order to limit your spiritual impact on this world. Ephesians 6:12 “”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”” It’s very important to remember that Satan very much is the ruler of this world and armed with that knowledge it should come as no surprise that all the powers that be are trying to either kill or impair you. Time to wake up and see that this is a battle about more than food.

Don’t take my word on any of what I’ve said but look it up for yourself and be educated. After that I suggest praying about what to do, even if all you can do is to limit in part the poisoning of your family due to a lack of personal finances, because face it, Franken Foods are cheap and healthier alternatives more expensive. Live free or die slowly.

I will also add to those who are willing to walk in a life that spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others that there is a promise that you can lay claim to over yourself and family regardless of your financial ability to provide good food for yourself and family. Mark 16:16-18“”He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.””