The title of this post is the answer I received from my wife when I asked her what to write a post about. While at first seemingly unhelpful to my current state of web-post writing gridlock (its been like two months since my last post and then it was a cop out post in that I just shared some old poems of mine) under further review an idea emerged. What if I took her statement of “I have no idea” and changed just one word? That in mind I’ve decided that “have” needs to go and let’s replace it with “had” so now my topic of post writing interest should read, “I had no idea”


What do I mean by, “I had no idea”? Well lots of things come to mind, but I’m just going to focus on the ones that have influenced me the most lately and all the while keeping in mind the extreme likelihood that I may be called upon to add more life experiences to the growing list of “I had no idea” moments of my life.


Act of cluelessness #1:

So to start out I’ll keep it tame. Last Sunday around 10:00 AM I took my family to a local restaurant with plenty of regional charm which attracts the tourists. Yeah I know what you church goers are thinking, “10:00 AM on a Sunday? Shouldn’t he be at church by then or at least on the way there?” More on that later (Act of cluelessness #2), but anyhow; my family this particular Sunday decided to dine out with the sinners at the local breakfast buffet. I wouldn’t go to this place on a weekday but this place does put out a nice spread on the weekend I have to admit with both a breakfast buffet(kids eat free!) and a lunch buffet, which speaking of the latter, all the Christians who have been good and have gone to church religiously attend in great number. We’re finally sitting there at the table with plates piled high of breakfast food. The girl’s pancakes have been cut up and drizzled with liquid high octane fuel in the form of table syrup, my wife, whose six months pregnant and very diligent about her diet for baby is happily satisfied in the moment in that her protein uptake for the day is well on the way of being knocked out of the park and my son, while youngest of the litter is happily clearing away all food in sight upon his plate. Not one, but two utensils clutched within his white knuckled grasp as he endeavors to sample everything at the same time x 2. All in all it’s a wholesome family moment and then the hand on the shoulder. The older women’s voice speaking, “You have such wonderfully behaved children. I couldn’t help but admire your family.” Really I have no idea why they say that. Don’t people realize that even vicious predators can appear tame when being fed food to their hearts content? No, really I know what she was seeing and yes I do have great kids, but it’s not like there aren’t wars fought every day, with plenty of screaming going on to raise these heaven sent blessings of ours. So as usual I say something like, “You should come back in an hour”. In reality though I’m saying, “You have no idea what you’re talking about.” But then maybe she does. I digress.


Act of Cluelessness #2:

Still keeping it tame, but moving out into deeper waters I’ll say this, “I had no idea that I could have church, real church, in the sanctity of my own home.” Yeah that’s right, having church at home. As a believer in Jesus I’ve been programmed for many years with this thought of, “If you’re not at church on Sunday your faith relationship with God must be weakening and before you know it you’re going to be in hell!!!” Oh really, well I don’t listen to that religiosity talk anymore. My salvation is not dependent on a building or the calculated sermon of a pastor meant to lull one into what often seems to be a herd of clueless souls that take up space in churches today(I should know as I used to be one). No, on the contrary I walk my faith out each day and my relationship with God is not about being on my best manners come Sunday morning so I can go gloat in self adulation along with the rest of the home team seated in aisle B of the church. “But Jesus said not to forsake the gathering of yourselves together!” That’s right He did. He also said that where two or three are gathered that even so He is in the midst of them. My wife and I make 2 and both of my daughters have committed their lives to Jesus so now I’ve got 4 and should things continue the way they are I have no problems with welcoming others into my house to experience a home church atmosphere. What would a visitor to our little home church find? They’d find prayer, reading of the Word of God, instruction and discussion on what the Word is saying in its proper context and how it’s meaningful, how to put it to practical use, and then praise and worship. Notice praise and worship comes last. Truly why do those in official church buildings reduce the praise of God to three or four songs before they get it out of the way in order to hear a sermon which may or may not have any reading of the Word attached within its point of focus let alone read aloud? What’s more is what exactly are people praising or better put how can they praise adequately when the Word, which is God, hasn’t even been spoken or witnessed to yet? I’m not saying I won’t visit the aisles of a church again, but for me I had no idea how if you simply present yourself humbly with a spirit of praise to God within the confines of one’s own home that God’s Spirit would so overwhelm the atmosphere as He has for me these past three Sundays. Another thing I have no idea about is how so many Christians can continue to attend and fund their churches whose leadership has ushered in occult traditions and abominations such as ‘its fine with God to be gay’, when He specifically says it’s not. Instead of relying on others to facilitate what your experiences with God will be why not be authentic and take the burden of your own walk of a moral life poured out to God’s glory and make the living room or even the kitchen of your house a meeting place wherein you welcome God into your spirit/body(holy temple) by both remembrance of His Word(Bible) to us and the heart felt praise we owe Him for all He has done for us. A body of believers gathered in a church is not a bad thing, but if one apple goes wrong it can spoil the whole barrel. As a man of God I can’t necessarily alter the anti-Biblical decisions of a church board or pastor, but I do have the authority to regulate what comes into my house. I urge you to pray about it and consider your options, if like me you’ve discovered that no church within the immediate area you live in is the right place to be. You do not want to be found in the attendance roll call of a lukewarm church! Unless that is if God has called you to be there to help lead that congregation back into heat. It’s a case by case thing hence the importance of prayer before you decide to do anything.


Act of Cluelessness #3

I had no idea how hard it can be when you devote your life to exposing evil and helping others find their way to Jesus. I mean for many years of my life I existed in that churchy atmosphere where you go to church on Sunday and you hear the missionary speaker talking about pushing levitating witch doctors to the ground in Africa in the power of Jesus’s name and you think, “Wow! That’s real faith! How do I get faith that can accomplish that?” The desire to do more for the Kingdom of God stagnates though and years go by and then something happens. You’re just going on as usual trying to survive and claim that bit of happiness out of life that everyone is crawling over each other to possess and you make a decision, an important decision. I made one of those and at the time I didn’t know the ramifications of it, but the decision I made wasn’t to please me, but rather it was one made to please God. Things happened and more good decisions are made and before you know it you find yourself as a believer on a battlefield you really didn’t think existed in the reality that it truly does and you find yourself faced off against absolute evil and the urge to be about yourself and your own interests fades away, because you see the bigger picture. You realize that the importance of life isn’t about the comforts or the good times to be had so much as it’s about embracing the plan that the Creator has for your life. Think about it. If you’re facing each day with an expectation list of what you expect to receive out of it, are you really living for Jesus? If, however, out of love you forsake what your eyes tell you they want and embrace the still small voice of God’s Spirit within you then you begin to see more and when you see more you will want to see even more. Truly the wellspring of God’s redeeming Grace in unquenchable. To taste of it is to want more, but we’re not at the gates of eternity yet. This is where I had no idea how hard it can be to be authentically alive and active for the Kingdom of God. Normal people go to sleep at night, while others of us often struggle with demons and the threat of invasion all through the dark hours of the night and into the day as every weakness we possess is tried and tried again and again. It’s a war my friend. If as a believer in Jesus you aren’t engaged in this war or don’t even know about it then you need to get in gear and start realizing your true potential, because we’re called by God to be ministers of change and to redeem and give a proper account of the time and opportunities that each of us has been given to affect positive change in this world and the hearts and lives of others. If you currently are experiencing much oppression in your life as a Christian then you’ve already got the status report of what the enemy’s analysis of you is. The more you attempt to achieve for God the bigger the target to the enemy you become. Reversely the less you do the less of a target you become, as satan and his minions are only too happy that you’ve decided to take the gifts given to you and sit on them as you allow yourself to be marginalized and sit the game out on the bench. Church today is often engineered to prohibit you from realizing the potential you have for making a difference. That’s my opinion, but well, prove me wrong somebody. The Church, the seminaries where your pastors are trained and every show and commercial you watch on TV have all been infiltrated by the god of this world and satan is his name. You can actively fight or remain passively held up within your place of perceived safety where not much is required of you, but to those who have been given to know more, more is required of them. It may not sound appetizing to you to knock on the door and ask for more only to then start having to fend off real life demonic attacks at every turn, but consider in a moment of self-analysis that you’re still thinking about yourself before you are of God. Once you make the switch in perspective to God’s will vs. your will then you’ll see that even the sacrifice of your own life is acceptable, if it accomplices more for the Kingdom of Heaven. Radical isn’t it, but I ask you would you rather go out an unsuspecting lamb unaware of your surroundings having been fully tranquilized to see no evil and feel no shame or would you rather be a tiger clawing and roaring at the enemies of your Most High Sovereign? The battle is real the question is, “Are you in it to win it or sleep through it?” There’s isn’t much time left for you to make up your mind about it.


Act of Cluelessness #4

I had no idea just how badly my kindergarten teacher and all those who followed her lied to me about one of the most basic elements of the reality we live in and how it perhaps more so then any other element of creation speaks to everything having been created by a Divine Creator. I don’t blame my teachers, because well, they were lied too as well. The crime really falls on all of us in terms of not taking the Bible literal enough as well as not using the common sense God created us with. You’ll see what I mean in a moment. As I write this I fully realize that I’m about to switch most of you off, if I haven’t already done so, because the layers of programing that we’ve all been put through are immense. I believe its only natural that you experience a certain amount of denial as to what I’m about to lay out before you, but hopefully, you, like me will come to see the evidence for the truth that it is and say, “I had no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Okay I’ve built the suspense up enough I think. So what one thing could be so wacky, so crazy that you’d be laughed out of any establishment on earth? Well it would be this, the earth is flat…………..still with me? On the off chance you are and even crazier still your willing to question the false reality that’s been built around you allow me to expound on just how convincingly you’ve been lied to and why it’s such a big deal. The earth according to NASA is 25,000 miles around in circumference and 18,000 miles in diameter. Earth is said to be a planet that orbits the Sun which is 93 million miles away. According to NASA, the Earth, in order to make one full 24 hour rotation spins near the equator at a 1,000 miles per hour. Not only is earth spinning so fast on its axis, but additionally NASA says that Earth, indeed our whole solar system rotates around the center of our galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour. Why do you believe this to be true? Is there any way for you to personally verify any of the facts that a government sponsored agency such as NASA would tell you? You might think the answer is no, but in reality there is. All you have to do is open your eyes to seeing outside of the box that you’ve had drawn around you. Alright a little history. Did you know that every civilization (including the Egyptians, the Chinese and the Biblical Hebrews) on earth believed the earth to be flat up until 500 years ago, when a Jesuit priest mathematician named Copernicus came up with an equation which he said proved that the earth was round and rotated around the sun. He was a privately wealthy man and to validate his claim he had an observatory built, only he never installed a telescope or any means by which to study the sky. It however was a new idea and the Catholic Church decided after a while that they would adopt the theory that the earth was round and as they often did in those days they insisted that everyone else do the same. In fact they actually made it a crime to believe in a flat earth. Time passes and then the ultimate proof for the world being round is given to us by NASA, a government agency of the USA that was founded in part out of a need to legitimize the Nazi scientists which were brought to America after World War II in Operation Paper Clip, in the form of a moon landing that resulted in one grainy out of focus view of earth from space. That was enough though. Ever since then NASA continues to receive billions of dollars in federal funding and every kindergarten teacher begins the education of each new round of pupils within her classroom with a visual representation of the earth as a globe along with how to spell their name. The lies have gone on for far too long. The only evidence for a round earth is because NASA and Copernicus say so, if you don’t agree with that assessment then try to come with some evidence to prove it wrong. I however will give some examples that you can test for yourself. There are many, but here are a few factual arguments that counter the theory of a round earth.

#1 According to NASA, Earth is 25,000 miles in circumference, 8,000 miles through the middle. A little basic arithmetic will then give you the rate of curvature one would experience on the surface of such a round object given those numbers it is 66 feet of fall for every 100 hundred miles traveled. To clarify if you’re standing at point A and looking toward point B, which is a hundred miles away, point B is already out of your view as it’s fallen an elevation of 66 feet below your viewable horizon line. Sounds cut and dry doesn’t it, except for one thing, sea level. For instance where I live is roughly 2800 feet above sea level. The level of the sea or oceans if you will does not change the world around. Sea level is how all matters of geographical elevation are determined by. It allows us to see the broad picture that NASA can’t hide from you and only hopes that no one will ever tell you about. The Nile River is a 1,000 miles long. From start to finish it changes in elevation by exactly 1 foot. If the Earth was round it should be dropping 66 ft. at the minimum in elevation every one hundred miles, but it isn’t.

#2 Before GPS ship captains used charts to navigate by. Interestingly no ship captain in the world has ever or could ever take the globe off the study room desk and safely use it to navigate anywhere in the world. It simply doesn’t work. Look at a globe and pay attention to hour meridians that go up and down from the north pole to the south pole. The distance between each time meridian line in terms of time is one hour right? So why are the lines closer together over Greenland than say over Bermuda near the equator? Does time pass by faster in Greenland or is it that you live on a flat earth where each time meridian line goes straight up and down with no bending or coming together at one point such as they do on a globe model at the north and south pole.

#3 GPS (created by the US Defense department and gifted to the world) is used to pilot a ship coming into port after dark these days, but in the old days ship captains relied on light house beacons. They had reference charts which showed them the candle output power of every lighthouse beacon along the coast, which in turn determines how far the light travels on a clear night. The way it worked was this. They spot a light from the direction of shore in the dark of night. They take a notation of the time they spotted the light and how fast they’re traveling. Sailing on they eventually spot another light in the night. They now know where they are. Using their reference chart and knowing how far they’ve traveled they see that the first light matches a lighthouse whose beacon is visible on a clear night from 24 miles away. The second light having appeared at the proper moment given the distance traveled lets them know it’s a lighthouse whose light is visible from 20 miles away on a clear night. Each lighthouse is unique and now knowing which two light houses their dealing with the ship captain can triangulate his current position at sea and form a new line of course that will safely bring him into port. The problem for a round earth believer is that on a round earth a light source would only be visible from 6 miles away and yet for how many centuries have sailors been using lighthouse beacons to navigate by at distances of 20+ miles.

#4 Have you ever seen a slow time release star chart? If you haven’t look it up. What you will see is that every star in the night sky rotates in a circle around the North Star, Polaris. They do this night after night, day after day. It never varies day in day out. The kicker for a round earth believer is that from anywhere on earth if someone looks up they will see the same occurrence. This wouldn’t be the case if the earth was round. The only place this would be conceivably possible would be if you were standing directly on the North Pole and then only for a split instance. Remember according to NASA we’re rotating 1,000 miles per hour and our whole solar system is rotating around our galaxy at 490,000 miles per hour. On a round earth our perspective view of the stars overhead would be constantly changing and in a time release capture it would look like a bunch of squiggly marks instead of the perfect circular orbiting patterns around Polaris that we do see from earth. The entire universe of God’s creation is rotating around earth. Now do you begin to see what they’ve been hiding from you? NASA tells you that earth is the third planet from the sun, but Earth is unique from all other created bodies, “He made the heavens and the Earth”, Earth is a singular creation and not a planet at all. It stands still and does not move at all as evidenced by every star in the night sky. Some would argue that a way to prove Earth is round would be that southern constellations such as the Southern Cross can’t be seen from the supposed northern hemisphere, but in actuality this is but a limitation of the human eye. Get a powerful enough telescope and you can see the Southern Cross from the Northern Hemisphere.

#5 Going with the last point of #4 it is often evidenced as a proof for a round earth in that if your standing on a beach and a ship is sailing out to sea that eventually it will seem to fall over the horizon hence the earth is round. However all that has happened is that you’ve reached the limit of your eye sight, bring a pair of binoculars up to your eyes and the ship will come back into focus. How is that possible if the ship has fallen over the horizon due to curvature of the earth? It’s not.

#6 There was a famous experiment done in England quite some time ago. There are these old barge water channels that go on for miles. In one spot they stretch out to 6 miles in a straight line. A man with a telescope standing in the water watches a sailboat depart down the channel away from him. It travels the full distance of 6 miles and at no point does the man in the water lose sight of the vessel, but using the same NASA provided calculation for the rate of the earth’s curvature over a distance of 6 miles the sale boat should have been 16 feet below the perceivable line of sight of the man with the telescope.

#7 This is a common sense proof. Nothing really scientific. So picture the globe on the study desk and ask yourself one question, “How do all of those 1,000’s of feet of heavy seawater not slosh out of control and drain down the planet to lie at the South Pole or better yet just drain off the planet entirely and filter out into space. The answer most commonly given would be, gravity. Gravity holds all that massive weight of sea water into the ocean beds. Uh huh……… so gravity is so powerful that it can do that, but you and I who weigh considerably less than all the mass of water on this planet aren’t glued to the surface of the earth like metallic paper clips on a strong magnet, but instead are free to move about freely? Again the theory of gravity exists because Sir Isaac Newton says it does, but just do a little research and see how even the scientific community of today is starting to put forward the reality that gravity doesn’t exist, but that its rather a matter of density, mass, and perhaps temperature that cause an apple to fall.

#8 I could go on with these proofs, but if you’re not at least questioning the story that’s been fed to you from birth I don’t know what will, other than an act of God, which is how I got my eyes opened. Earth is flat and above it exists an impenetrable dome (the firmament). The sun rotates around us and it isn’t huge and it’s not that far away. If you use a simple device such a sextant from old mariner days you can make a measurement of its distance combined with some math and you get a body of matter that is only 32 miles in diameter. I think everyone has seen in the afternoon that mass of a cloud which has the sun behind it and rays of light shooting out in a fan like pattern to the ground. That simply isn’t possible given the distance and size that NASA lists for the sun, as mathematically, all the rays of the sun would hit the Earth as one fixed directional wave. Plus if you get in a plane and get above the cloud cover you can actually witness a hotspot on the clouds from the sun above, again not possible from a sun located 93 million miles away. And running with light for a moment, remember that 70% of the planet is water and so water is reflective isn’t it. So if the moon landing and footage was real the earth should have looked dark as it would be reflecting the darkness of space instead of appearing as a shiny blue planet. The Bible and the Book of Enoch, specifically says that the sun rotates around the Earth.

Speaking of the Bible……………What does it say about the matter? I’ll get to that but first consider these three quandaries of belief of a believer in Jesus and yet one who thinks the Earth is round.

#1 If the Earth is round then why does the Bible on multiple occasions make statements like, “shall gather them from the four corners of the Earth” “winds from the four corners of the Earth”(I’m paraphrasing but you get the point about ‘corners of the earth’ I hope) How do you find a corner on a round object?

#2 When satan took Jesus up onto a high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment in time how was this accomplished if the earth is round? Remember God doesn’t use magic, and reversely satan can only reverse engineer in part what God has already done. With enough magnification the whole earth would be visible from a high mountain if it was flat.

#3 The Bible says that every eye will see Jesus and every knee shall bow when He returns to Earth. How is that possible on a round earth? We know geographically speaking Jesus will appear over Israel at His return so are the people on the other side of a round earth suddenly going to be magically gifted with the ability to see through the core of the planet to fulfill scripture? I don’t think so. It says Jesus will come from the east as well, which brings to mind that verse where it says He removes our transgressions as “far as the East is from the West”. On a round Earth that’s not very far at all. Keep going East or West and you’ll end up back where you started, but on a flat Earth East and West never meet. Which interpretation of the Earth fulfills scripture better?

Some Bible Verses:

Psalm 19:4-6 “In them [the heavens], a tent is fixed for the sun, who comes out like a bridegroom from his wedding canopy, rejoicing like a strong man to run his race. His rising is at one end of the heavens, his circuit touches their farthest ends; and nothing is hidden from his heat.”

1 Chronicles 16:30: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable.”

Psalm 93:1: “Thou hast fixed the earth immovable and firm ...”

Psalm 96:10: “He has fixed the earth firm, immovable ...”

Psalm 104:5: “Thou didst fix the earth on its foundation so that it never can be shaken.”

Isaiah 45:18: “...who made the earth and fashioned it, and himself fixed it fast...”

Isaiah 40:22…..”sits throned on the vaulted roof of earth, whose inhabitants are like grasshoppers. He stretches out the skies like a curtain, he spreads them out like a tent to live in...”

Ezekiel 1:22-26, Ezekiel 10:1, Daniel 4:10-11, Matthew 4:8, Revelation 1:7, 2 Samuel 22:16, Job 38:4, Psalm 18:15, Proverbs 8:29, Isaiah 24:18, Revelation 7:1, Jeremiah 51:16

The Bible is a flat earth book and when you see it all laid out you can well imagine why satan wants to hide it from humanity because if everyone finds out the condition of their existence in this uniquely made place we call Earth that is caught up in a time matrix of Divine manipulation they would have no choice but to except that there is a Creator. The secret of the earth’s true shape is by no means not unknown by the elite running this world. The most brazen sign of which is the UN flag. Look at it. It depicts a flat earth map surrounded by 33 lines of degree. The only thing not pictured on the map is Antarctica, because in actuality Antarctica forms the outer ice wall land mass that the firmament dome rests upon. Why do think there’s a treaty in place where-in each member nation of the UN promises to never do anything in regards to Antarctica? It’s strictly off limits and no one is permitted to go there including corporations hungry for the vast mineral wealth there is to be had. What government in the world do you know says no to the greed of gaining more wealth for themselves? It’s getting trickier to manage the deception, but somehow they have done so, but hopefully not for much longer. All flights in the so-called southern hemisphere are laughably absurd. If you live in Johannesburg, South Africa and you want to fly to Melbourne Australia it appears as if but a nonstop 10 hour flight across the Indian Ocean. Not so. In reality the plane flies north to Dubai in the Middle East then to Indonesia and then to Australia. Your ten hour flight turns into 20 hours + with multiple layovers because on a flat earth Australia is farther north then a globe would have you think it is.

If none of this has been convincing try jumping up into the air as high as you can and then consider how many miles away from your original location you should be since the earth is spinning a 1,000 miles per hour. I hope the end result of what has taken me half the night to write, dear reader, is on your part one big resounding, “I had no idea!!!”

Need some visual aids to help comprehend the enormity of a flat earth? Attached are two links to some YouTube channels that I believe do an excellent job in showing conclusively just what the facts are of the place that you and I call home.