This page will change from time to time as I update new links to it. I hope the links prove helpful to you. In addition to the helpful links I've also listed some charity links that I have found to be honest and well worth the investment placed in them.

Answers in Genesis is a wonderful resource to have for all things Biblical. You can subscribe completely free to receive email notification of new articles. I've found their content to be right on and I've learned a lot.

The Creation Museum is an offshoot of Answers in Genesis. It is a wonderful place to visit! I've been there three times and let me tell you there is something for everyone. In a world filled with secular museums that seek to indoctrinate everyone, especially children away from a Biblical timeline and framework of belief, this place is a gold mine. It's located in St. Petersberg, Kentucky. They are also building a life size replica of the Noah's Arc complete with Biblical theme park. This is a must do for everyone! 

Beginning And End is a wonderful resource for sound Biblical insight into serious topics such as end time Biblical prophecy. They are a Biblical watchdog of sorts and they have opened my eyes to a lot of things I hadn't discerned from the Holy Scriptures before. They do Biblical reviews of movies and much more. Visit this site and you will learn something of profound depth backed up by sound Biblical contextual reference.

The Marriage Bed is a place for anyone, but especially Christians to go to learn about and better understand everything to do with sex. That's right sex. Sex is a very misunderstood thing and has been twisted a thousand different ways from it origin in the Garden of Eden. The site has many informative how to do sex better articles, but of special usefulness is the forum section of the website. You have to become a member to unlock most of the Forum threads that deal with actual sexual topics. God created the joys of sex within marriage and this is a great place to go to learn more about it in a safe, respectful, and Christ honoring way.

I've found these sites, especially helpful to me, as an author.

Who doesn't want to read books for free? Well at you can. They provide links to a plethora of free novels, including A Warrior's Redemption and Agent with a History. The link is to for my two books, which is a second option for those wanting to read my literary work for free. Free-Online-Novels is a great service to us authors who want to get our work out there and anybody in search of a free read. Check it out for yourself, after all it is free. 

Andreas Rocha is the artist who designed the art piece displayed on my home page, Start the Journey. His art speaks for itself. The art piece that he custom designed for me, with the ships that are being carried on the backs of whales through the rocks, is exquisite. The whole design process with Andreas went smoothly and I highly recommend him to anyone, who is in need of fine art. Check out all his other digital art at his website. He has a lot of it for sale and I can't recommend him enough. The custom scene that he rendered for me comes from, A Warrior's Redemption, which you can download and read for free from this website.

The Indie View is a meeting place for indie authors (like me) and those who review their literary endeavors (also me) to go. It's a quality website to find both a book reviewer and to see the latest book reviews that have been posted to the web. There are many indie sites out there, but this is the one I chose to both review for and to seek reviews from the plethora of third party links that they supply. Best of luck hunting fellow writers and readers alike.

I write my books out by hand first. A bit old fashioned I suppose, but that's how I roll. I'm not the greatest of typists, as my wife can attest to, so I've found it especially helpful to just read my written words into Microsoft Word with the use of the Dragon speech software. 

There are many places to go to read about how to be a writer and then what to do after you are. It seems that everyone has advice, but I've found Nathan's site to be rather pertinent to an actual common sense approach to the advice needed. 

It's expensive, but quality often is and I've found their templates to be those of quality so far and nothing but. I had one question and they answered it within a day of me asking it. I recommend this site to any author in search of formatting help for their books. 

My book covers are amazing! Almost all of the images for my book covers came from and cost an average of about $20.00 per book or less. My cover designer has asked to remain anonymous, so please don't email me with queries, as to who the designer of my book covers is.

Some Author and Reviewer friends of mine. Check out what they have to say.

 Jodi Woody - Author

Jodi is a good friend that I found on Goodreads. She's a great writer and so I know that you'll want to check out what she has written. You can find a review for a book of hers, Beauty's Curse, at Reviews from a Guy.

Peter Younghusband - Christian Fiction Review Guru

Peter is a good friend, who is inspiring me into attempting endeavors I had not previously foreseen myself ever delving into, namely an inspirational study guide to be featured on A Warrior's Redemption. Peter really does a great job with his book review blog and I encourage any Christian authors out there in need of honest reviews delivered in a quality presentation to seek him out. Genuine people, who love what they do and volunteer of their time to help others are hard to find and Peter is one of them.

Erica Jean Smith - Authorpreneur / Book Reviewer

Erica is a good friend. She has graciously given of her time to help me in the furtherance of my career and if you contract with her for work, expect to get service that is top notch, even as it is framed in poetic symmetry.

Charities that I sponsor and think are worth your interest to check out.

Many people in this world can't read, especially in the poverty stricken third world. Faith Comes By Hearing is the perfect tool in the disbursement of the gospel message to these people. They may not be able to read, but they can all listen to the Bible being spoken out loud in their native languages. Whole crowds of people at a time in villages all over the world, listening as many times as they want to listen to the words of life.  

If you have a little extra that you could give each month then why not help feed and clothe a child somewhere in the world? Talk about an everlasting significance! Many of these services aren't what their made up to be, but I think Compassion International is as honest as they come.

I used to be a big secular music listener, and while there's still good stuff there to be heard, I find myself listening to Klove everyday in place of it. It is positive and encouraging, who doesn't need more of that right now? They rely on donations instead of paid advertisements like radio channels in general. People are saved everyday from listening to Klove and you could be a part of that life giving event.  

This organization focuses on disaster relief in a big way and has a big impact on those affected by the disasters that keep happening in a world that seems to be ever raging. Disasters happen all the time, and people recover from them all the time. Christ In Action is there to help them along the way to achieve that recovery. Maybe they'll help you recover through a disaster some day.