A Book Worth Reading Checklist:

  • Exciting action blended into both dystopian contemporary environments and the realms of antiquity's past.

  • Romance that reflects the reality of life in all its glory, but in none of its over the top mainstream explicitness.

  • Stories that feature characters who don't have it all together and who have to learn to mature in order to become the people that God has intended for them to be.

  • Facts of history and future events weaved into a fast paced plot line with the use of vivid imagination that evokes the imagery of the setting at hand as if you were there actually living it.

  • Fiction that is Christ honoring and glorifies God as the Creator of all and the Master of the hearts of mankind.

If the previous checklist lines up with what you consider the makings of a great read then congratulations, because you've found a like hearted individual in me. My name is Guy Stanton III and I am an author of said aforementioned fiction and I welcome you to discover my literary work for yourself and escape as I have into the realms of imagination both near and far.

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Something for my growing number of fans................................

I've just conducted my first ever author interview. So if you want to learn more about the man behind the books then head over to Christian Fiction Review Guru and see what my interview with Peter has to reveal about me, where I'm going with my literary work, and what I have to say to my fans. If your just starting out in the discovery process of my literary work this is also a good way for you to get to know me better. While your at Peter's book review blog feel free to check out his review of A Warrior's Redemption. The link for that review is below. The link to my first ever author interview is right here.  First Ever Author Interview

Review done by Peter Younghusband of                 Christian Fiction Review Guru

A Warrior's Redemption

Check out what Peter has to say of the first book of The Warrior Kind series at his book review blog. The link is below.

Here are some quotes from his review of A Warrior's Redemption.........

""Stanton is a master at adding depth to his characters. It is a hallmark of a talented writer who provokes emotions in you that are specific to how you relate to the characters""

""Stanton is also a master of describing the richness and complexity of the different environments of this novel, such as The Valley Lands, the Plains of Zoar and The Attorgron Forests. But on the whole, Stanton succeeds in transporting the reader to this world, and it is this as well as what I have outlined in this review so far that is all absorbing and enthralling. So many times, I was not aware of my surroundings and nearly missed my train station! You can definitely become part of this world and not want to return to reality.""

""I did not want this novel to end, but it is very comforting to know there are 4 more books to escape to and continue to be blessed by this author and the much loved characters and more to be introduced. Continuing in this series is to be in a reader's heaven!!""