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A quest for endless power by some becomes a race by nations to learn the secrets long since buried by the few who rule the surface of the world.

They were warned not to meddle in the affairs of below, but in the face of planetary disaster choices are made. Choices beckon that could destroy what has been held so long in secret even as a brighter future for some is promised. All choices have consequences, but few have the responsibility of purpose to make the right ones.

Samantha has found herself in the unenviable position of being exclusively wanted by the government to take part in an exploratory science expedition that she considers not to be a wise move on her part. The alternatives, however, don’t allow for choice in the matter, as she has no wish to deny her Heavenly Father’s will for her life.

Christian Speculative Fiction with an edge - reality meets faith – The Quest for Paradise, a book that has passion, faith, and the intense action of resisting against the expansion of hell into our dimension.