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Endless miles and asteroids to dodge. Never stopping for too long. To stop meant death. I know, because its happened before. Despite knowing I just wanted to stop and make an end of it, but then everyone would die. I couldn’t allow that so the journey through the stars would have to go on. On until something happened. Something that would change everything. I prayed it would only happen soon or else I might loose my faith, as it was all the other remnants of my people already had. That’s why they were dead and I wasn’t.

Siringo Collins the leader of a worn fleet of survivors, constantly has to fight against the urge to give in to what seems inevitable, their extinction at the hands of an ancient enemy. His fleet of ships is the last of his people that he knows of. They are wanderers through the outer worlds of creation. Vagabonds of space and friends of none, but their own kind. As a people they lost their home long ago. As long as they stay together there is hope that something better might occur one day to change all that has gone terribly wrong for the Melungeons of Soluranami.