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This Boxed Set features the uniquely told stories of one family's will to survive against all odds and not only survive but to thrive as well. The Wind Drifters, as a series has everything to offer the reader and with this Boxed Set Edition it is now even more affordable for you to read for yourself and experience the adventure, romance, and genre smashup that there is to be found within these five books that feature Christian Speculative Fiction at its finest. An entirely speculative adventure awaits you told in first person from five people's viewpoints across a selectively ranged scope of time and space.

Book 1, Fire Wind - Journey into the Fire Wind with Taran Collins, as this idle drifter finally finds his passion to do more for the God that he's been running from since before the American Civil War had ended.

Book 2, Ice Wind - It's hot and yet she just seems cold. Journey with Taran as he discovers the passion of a thief worth forgiving and a home he never could have imagined.

Book 3, Hard Wind - Unrepentant sinner, Logan Collins, is set to hang or worse yet rot out the years of his life in a Mexican hell hole of a prison just south of the border. The unexpected occurs, as it often does, and Logan is faced with a choice he never imagined he'd encounter in life - Save the girl or be free.

Book 4, Drift Wind - Alone, after the last of her kin has been murdered, Tara Collins, has to journey beyond the realms of her limitations in order to find the path set down for her to take. The journey of life can be hard, but to the brave comes glory in due time.

Book 5, Rift Wind - Living on a hope. A hope almost expired, as yet one more field of asteroids with nothing left in terms of usable function, drifts away. Time is in short supply and something better happen quick or Siringo Collins may find himself as the last one standing of his breed. Survivor to the end he won't accept extinction without a fight, even as freedom is worth being fought dearly for.

The Wind Drifters is a series of western sci-fi novels that feature adventure, action, and faith. Christian Speculative Fiction with an Edge - learn to love it!