The sands blow hollowly across the plains of time. Unseen by man an army was on the move, an army of darkness…….

Slowly over the course of centuries the truth has been eroded away within the courts of men, until few yet stand for the ways of El Elyon, the Creator of the beginning and He who foreknew that one day the end would come…….

Ayenathurim, a world poised on the edge of change. Chaos beckons as people fractured apart by ancient rivalries strive to hold on. The sounds of war echo on the wind, but who yet is able to stand in the gap for those who are blind to the signs of the times…………………the end, if so it must be, heralds the rise of heroes, even as monsters roar, and kings rise and fall. As Evil triumphs over the nations, even so it was foretold to come to pass and yet the end of darkness’s reign has already begun…….


A note from the Author................

The Kingdom is my first standalone book. For me the book has been a journey through emotion and spiritual maturity. I write all my books with a Christian mindset, but The Kingdom by far is my most literal Christian message to date in that I have sought to parallel the Biblical accounts of the Old Testament prophets and those of the New Testament, especially the book of Revelations over into a complex End Time fictitious setting that plays out on the world of Ayenathurim. I hope my book is enjoyed for what it is, which is my best attempt in helping to spread the message of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.